Vesak Buckets

Vesak Buckets Vesak Buckets Vesak Buckets

During Vesak Buddhists remember the birth, enlightenment and passing away (Parinibbana) of the Buddha. Colourful lanterns and lights are a homage to the Buddha. One of the famous items is Vesak Buckets. Mostly, those can be made by papers of varity of colors.

Vesak Poya and as part of old traditions, we usually make a lantern to hang outside the home or we also make and set up some bucket lanterns with candles inside for effect.

So we had to arrange the lanterns carefully as they are rather crudely made, so that we need to ensure the candle does not make the lantern burn.

It is for that reason mainly that the use of the traditional burning lantern is not used,

We purchased the lanterns and just put it together putting the wires to hang them and the candles inside and carefully lit them and then hung them on a jam tree outside the verandah over the pond.

The photos are those of getting the lanterns ready and then hung on the trees around the place. They obviously only light up as long as the candle lasts, which is about an hour and so we stuck to tradition, which does not result in a permanent light show that the electrical colored lights would give.

Nevertheless it was a way to spend the evening before popping over next door to the temple to see what was happening there.

Vesak Buckets Vesak Buckets Vesak Buckets

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