• Located in a sleepy hamlet in the outskirts of Chilaw, this temple is dedicated to the Lord Ishwara, and is similar to other famous temples such as Koneswaram and Thiruketheeswaram, in that three Sivalingams are enshrined here.

    Muneeshwaram Temple, Chilaw 
  • Venerated by Saivites from across the continent, this temple is located inTrincomaleein the Eastern Province. The primary deity is the Lord God Shiva in the form of Konesar.

    Koneswaram Temple, Trincomalee 
  • Found about seven miles North of Mannar town, this is purported to be the ancient temple where Kethu Bhagavan worshipped Lord Siva, giving it its name. The holy waters present in the Palavi Tank adjacent to it are also venerated through the ages.

    Tiruketeeswaram Temple, Mannar 
  • Manavari, about 6 kms north of Chilaw, is the first place where Lord Rama installed a Lingam, as a remedy to Lord Shiva after committing Brahmincide by killing the King Ravana who was a Brahmin. This Shiva Lingam in Manavari is called Ramalingam because it was made by Lord Rama.

    Manavari Temple, Chilaw 
  • The historic Kandaswamy Temple in Nallur, not far away from Jaffna's town centre, is dedicated to Lord Murugan in the form of the divine spear Vel, a well-known symbol of Tamil religiousness.

    Nallur Kandaswamy Temple, Jaffna 
  • Shri Mamangeshwarar Kovil in Amarnthakali, or Amirthakally, 6 kms away from Batticaloa, is a well-known holy place for Hindus, who believe that bathing in the sacred water of Mamangeshwarar tank will improve the rebirth conditions for their deceased relatives.

    Amarnthakali, Batticaloa 
  • Kandy's Tooth Relic Temple is the most significant Buddhist holy place in Sri Lanka, venerated by Buddhists from Southeast Asia as well. There are four shrines for Gods connected to the Buddha's Tooth Temple.

    Temple of the Tooth and Devales, Kandy 
  • The Sita Amman Temple, located halfway between the highland village Sita Eliya and the Hakgala Botanical Gardens, has become the most venerated of all Ramayana Trail sites in Sri Lanka.

    Sita Amman Temple And Ashok Vatica, Sita Eliya 
  • Kataragama is the name of the God and his hometown as well.Kataragamais the Sinhalese form of Skanda, also known as Subhramaniya. He usually is called Murugan or Karthikeya by Tamils.


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